Warning: Windows XP is Endangering Your Business


Windows XP was released on October 25, 2001. Since then it has been known to be a solid operating system. It has received positive reception for its simple navigation, stability, and innovative functions. On April 8th 2014, after 13 years of service, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP. This however, has not stopped over 28% of users from still running the operating system.

Running your business’s computers on an outdated operating system raises many alarming issues. XP does not have the same security standards as a modern operating system. Microsoft has stopped implementing security updates for Windows XP indefinitely. This means your business is susceptible to server attacks, data breaches, viruses, and other modern security threats. Even if you have updated your security software, you’re still running new software on an obsolete operating system.

All of these dangers to your business can be avoided with an upgrade of all your machines currently running Windows XP. Protect yourself from costly disasters with a proactive decision to modernize your systems and digital security.


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How To Improve Your Wi-Fi Signal.

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Walls or obstructions can contribute to a weak Wi-Fi signal. Try placing your router in an open space near the center of your home or business. Elevating your router to a higher spot can also improve your Wi-Fi signal.



Other electronics in your home can cause a weak Wi-Fi signal. Moving your router away from home appliances, DVD players, game consoles, and other electronic devices will prevent signal weakening interference.


Wi-Fi Hogs

Streaming movies and playing online games can bog down your signal. Certain routers can help prioritize particular applications so they can receive the bandwidth they need.


Wi-Fi Security

Setting up a secure password for your router is a must. It isn’t uncommon for someone to take advantage of an unsecured Wi-Fi signal. Not only can this slow down Wi-Fi speeds, it can be a serious security risk to you network.


How we can help.

At CT Tech Services, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to setting up a wireless network for your home or business. We can also provide ongoing support, upgrades, and network maintenance.